The Find Text feature allows you to quickly find and highlight text in your database.

To find text in your database:

  1. Click Search, Find Text. Citation will display the Find Text dialog.
  2. Enter the text to find.
  3. Set the options for Match Case, Match Whole Word, and the Direction for the search.
  4. Click OK to begin finding text. Citation will find the first occurrence of the search term and display the Find Again dialog.

  5. Click Find Next or Find Previous to continue, or Close to exit.

Definitions for the settings on the Find Text dialog:

Match Case
Check this option to match the capitalization you have entered.

Match Whole Word
Check this option to match the entire word entered as the search term.


Search through the records following the current record.

Search through the records preceding the current record.

See also Quick Search, a feature that searches for text and lists matching records in a dialog.

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