The Tag/Untag feature enables you to tag records for inclusion in a subset.

You will be able to use the Select feature to create a subset of your datafile containing tagged records.

You can also use the Search for Record feature to browse through tagged records.

Tag/Untag is a toggle feature. Choosing Tag/Untag when the cursor is in a tagged record will remove the tag.

To tag a record through the menu

Click Edit, Tag/Untag. An asterisk (*) will display next to the form name, indicating that the record is tagged.

To tag records using the Short List View
Hold down the Ctrl key, and click on the entry in the Short List View to Mark the Record.

When you have finished marking the records you would like to tag, click Tag Marked.

To remove all tags

Click Edit, Untag All.
To browse tagged records:
  1. Click Search, Search for Record.
  2. Click on the check box for Tagged as the condition for the search, and then click OK. Citation will locate the first tagged record.
  3. To search for the next tagged record, press .
To select the subset of tagged records in a datafile
  1. Click Tools, Select.
  2. Click on the check box for Tagged as the condition for the select, and then click OK. Citation will find the subset of tagged records, and ask if you want to retrieve it.

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