The Search for Record dialog lets you locate records in your datafile containing a term or a phrase.

Options on the Search for Record dialog:

First Condition, Second Condition
You can set two conditions for the Search. The information in the group box for First Condition defines the first criteria for the search.

The Second Condition can be defined to search for matching records using AND or OR as an operator.

AND searches for records which match both the first and second conditions.
OR searches for records which match either the first condition or the second condition.
Checking the Tagged option will create a subset of all records containing a tag (an asterisk at the end of the Record Form field). See Tag/Untag for more details on Tagged records.

Indicates the field to search for matches to your criteria.

For instance, if you wanted to search for all the records of works written by Hegel, you would choose the Author field to search.

Or, if you wanted to search for all your Note records from a datafile, you could set the field to Record form, and enter note as the Text to match.

When this option is set to Global, Citation will search all fields for matches.

For instance, if you wanted to search for all the records either written by Hegel, or written about Hegel, or which mention Hegel in the Abstract, you would set the Field for the Search to Global.

Contains, Does Not Contain
Choose Contains if you want the field to contain the text for the match. Choose Does Not Contain if you want to select records which do not contain the text.

The text you want to match.

Match Case
Choose Match Case if you want to search for terms with capitalization matching the text you have entered.

For instance, if the text entered is Ritual, the program would match Ritual, but not ritual.

Match Whole Word
Choose Match Whole Word if you want to match complete words for the search.

For instance, if the text for the match is ritual, checking Match Whole Word will include records with the word ritual set apart from other words by spaces. Citation would select records with the term ritual, but not those with the term ritualistic.

If Match Whole Word is not checked, Citation will search for records with the characters in the word ritual, but it will not check to see if ritual is a word by itself. Citation would match the following terms to ritual: ritual, ritualistic, ritualism, rituals, anti-ritual.

To Search for Records, moving Forward in the datafile, click the Forward option; to Search for Records moving Backward in the datafile, click the Backward option.

To return a list of All Records matching the Search criteria to the Search Results dialog, click the All Records option.

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