To open a Citation datafile
  1. Choose File, Open Datafile from the Citation menu. The Open Datafile dialog will display.
  2. Double click on the datafile you want to open.
To open a recently edited Citation datafile
  • Choose File, and click on the datafile in the Recently Opened file list.
  • Alternatively, you can create a shortcut on your desktop to your datafile. Then, when you want to open the datafile, just double click on the shortcut.

    Datafiles with the extension *.cit will open when you double click on the file.

    Open more than one datafile at the same time
    You can start more than one copy (called an “instance”) of Citation. This allows you to work with more than one datafile at a time. This will allow you to cut, copy and paste text or records between databases.

    To start a second instance, you click “New Instance” from the File menu.

    If you choose Citation from your word processor’s Tools menu, it will not start a new instance; it will simple activate the current instance of citation. This will allow you to switch easily between your word processor and Citation.

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