Keywords are indexing or cross-referencing terms which tag works in your datafile as containing material on a particular subject, or that you perhaps use in a course bibliography. You will be able to use Select to retrieve groups or subsets of records cross-referenced with the same keywords. (See the section on the Select feature for details on retrieving subsets of records with the same keywords.)

You can enter as many keywords as you need for each record. Separate keywords with a semi-colon and a space:

popular culture; Twain, Mark; biographical studies; psychology; d-f-s; delusions
Once you have entered several records with keywords, you may want to use the Keyword List Button. The Keyword list button displays an alphabetized list of keywords you have used in your records. Clicking on a keyword in the list box inserts the term into the Keywords field, helping you enter keywords more consistently.

Use the search button on the keyword list to browse records containing the term.

Editing the Keyword List

Keywords are stored in the file named c:\citation\keywords.ini.

To create this list from the contents of any datafile, click File, Save Keywords. You can edit this file with Notepad, to add or remove keywords.

Note: The Save Keywords feature creates a new keywords.ini file from the currently open datafile.

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