Citation uses the extended characters provided in Windows' standard character set. This includes most marked letters, and some punctuation. WordPerfect users can have Citation insert a WP standard character (e.g. [8,8] would insert the capital greek delta).

Extended characters on the keyboard: For the standard Windows characters, press Control and the mark you need (e.g. ~,^,etc.) Then press the letter. Here is a listing of those keystrokes:

The Extended Characters Dialog:
Press or choose Edit, Insert Special, Windows Ext Char to display the dialog. The Extended Characters dialog will display all of the characters available to you. To insert a character, simply double click on it, or press the Insert button. You can leave the dialog open, so you will always have it ready. To close the dialog, press the Close button.

The WordPerfect Characters Dialog:
Press or choose Edit, Insert Special, WordPerfect Ext Char to display the dialog. Enter the WordPerfect code for the character you want to insert in your record, and press Insert. For information about WordPerfect characters, see your WordPerfect manual. Note that WordPerfect characters will not display properly in Citation. They will, however, print correctly in your WordPerfect documents.

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