Endnotes are a method of documenting sources for a paper with the following characteristics:
  • Superscripted numbers at the points in the text where a source needs to be referenced.
  • Numbers in the text are in the order of their appearance in the paper (1, 2, 3, etc.).
  • Numbered citations for sources are listed at the end of a paper, in the order of their appearance in the document.
  • Specific page references are often included.

For instance:

To write endnotes for a document:

  1. Prepare the word processing document, inserting Cite Keys at the citation positions in the text.
  2. Choose Generate, Citations for document. The Generate Citations dialog will display.
  3. Click the option for Endnotes.
  4. Set the Publishing style for the endnotes and, if appropriate, the Reference List (sometimes called a list of works cited). See the Examples below.
  5. Click OK to write the endnotes for your document.
Citation replaces the Cite keys in the document with endnotes. If you have clicked the option to write a Reference List, Citation also writes a Reference List for the works cited in the document.

For Turabian style endnotes, with no reference list, set the dialog as illustrated here:

For Chicago style endnotes, with an alphabetized reference list (list of works cited), set the dialog as illustrated here:

For your citations, locate the endnote style required by your instructor or publisher in the Publishing Style menu.

Most endnote styles require that the endnote contain pinpoint references to the specific pages in the source work containing cited material when it is a direct quote. To include specific page references for your endnotes, enter the specific page reference in the Cite dialog. Citation will include the pages in your Cite Key, preceded by a space and a colon, like this:

{Robinson 1972: 217}
Citation will include the specific page reference in your footnotes, and include the inclusive pages (if any) in the bibliographic citation.

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