The Bibliography feature writes citations for the records in the currently open datafile. You can write a bibligraphy for all the records in the datafile, or only those records that have been tagged for inclusion in a subset.

If you need to write a course bibliography, for instance, you will need to select the subset of bibliographic records for that course, and then use the Bibliography feature to write citations for those records.

You can also use this feature to write notecards for records in your database.

To write a bibliography:

  1. Click Generate, Bibliography. The Bibliography dialog will display.
  2. Choose the Publishing Style for the citations.
  3. Make certain that the Check boxes for alphabetizing citations, numbering citations, and including abstracts are set to your preference.
  4. Set the Write Bibliography to option.
    Note: When writing the bibliography to a WordPerfect, or Word Document, be sure to place the cursor at the place in the document where you want the bibliography.
  5. Choose OK to begin writing citations from the open datafile.

Definitions for the options on the Bibliography dialog:

Click this option to sort the bibliography by Author.

Include Abstracts
Click this option to include the contents of the Abstract field with the references.

Number References
Click this option to number the references in your bibliography.

Click this option to write a bibliography for all tagged records in your datafile.

Publishing Style
The Publishing style determines the formatting for the references in your bibliography.

Click this option to use the list of standard publishing styles available with Citation.

Click this option to use a custom format file to format the references in your bibliography.

Write Bibliography to
This option determines where the bibliography will be written: to the open word processing document, the clipboard, or a file.

Click this option to preview the format you have chosen for the bibliography.

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