Each time you want to include information on another bibliographic resource, you will need add a record to your datafile.

To add a bibliographic record

  1. With your datafile open, click Edit, Add Record.
  2. Citation will display the Select Form dialog.
  3. Choose the appropriate data entry form for the source work from the list box. A blank form will display.
  4. Complete the form.
  5. Consult the Guidelines for Entering Bibliographic Information to make certain you are entering the bibliographic information correctly.
If you want to insert a record into your datafile before the current record, click Insert Record.

Sample Citation records for common types of research source materials

Browse the Complete StyleGuide for Sample Records

To add a Note record

  1. With your datafile open, click the Add Note button on the main Edit panel.

    Alternatively, you can click Edit, Add Note on the Citation menu.

    Citation will add a Note form to your datafile, immediately after the current record.

  2. Citation includes a link to the bibliographic record for the note in the first field of the Note record.
  3. Replace the PG in the first field with a specific page reference.
  4. Enter your own remarks in the Comments field, and any direct quotes in the Excerpt field.

    For more help working with notes, see the
    Notes Help Topic.

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